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Agile Canines  Dog Agility Classes

All Foundation and Beginning Classes are limited in size. Progression to the next level is based on student skill level and assessment by the instructor.  Progression depends on how much practice is done between the weekly classes.  It is recommended that beginning students plan to practice at least 2-3 times a week between classes.

Sports Foundations

For puppies and dogs new to training we recommend starting with the "Sports Foundation" classes.  This curriculum has been developed by Annelise at Agile Canines to prepare dog and handler teams for agility, obedience, rally, freestyle and everyday life. The classes are offered at the same location as the agility classes.  .  Class is $135 for a block of six weeks and you have eight weeks to use them.  The class is ongoing and students remain in it until they acquire the requisite skills which usually takes 9 to 12 months.  If you are new to dog training you will want to take an obedience class that focuses on positive training for leash manners, crate training, stays and recalls prior to taking this class.  


Please note: we have8 month waiting list for Foundations classes.  To join our wait list please read and fill out this form.  Currently we are offering 8 small classes per week.

 Foundations classes meet Mondays at 6, 7 and 8pm, taught by Lisa Hennen. Wednesdays 2pm, and Thursdays 11 am taught by Annelise Allan.  Thursdays 6, 7 and 8pm taught by Kim Luskey.

Here is a partial list of many of the skills taught in Sports Foundations:

  • Shaping interactions with object

  • Capture/shape backing up

  • Impulse control games

  • Sit stays

  • Directionals for obstacle discrimination

  • Door manners – offer sit before a door and not rush through door when on leash

  • Dog management and what to do when a dog runs up to your dog

  • Shape interaction and body awareness with various objects

  • Interact with various moving objects and surfaces

  • Touch and send to a foot target– work up to distance of 20 feet or more

  • Play tug in various places

  • Mat games – sends, recalls and stays

  • Marker signals

  • Turns around cones

  • Wobble board

  • Narrow board off of ground – walk across, turn around, sit and down

  • Pivots on a perch

  • Call to side on the flat

  • Send to target through hoops/jump uprights

  • Recall on the flat and through hoops/jump uprights

  • Front crosses on cones/gates/barrels/jump standards

  • Rear crosses on cones/gates/barrels/jump standards

  • “Out” around gates

  • Play tug – down – play tug on table

  • Two on/two off on the board for contacts

  • One jump introduction

  • Hoop chutes (send, recall and run with both sides)

  • Around the clock exercises on a jump/hoop

  • Introduce basic agility obstacle configurations of pinwheels, serpentines, 270s, wraps and boxes with hoops/gates

  • Directional "out" for lateral distance cue.

  • Introduction to teeter games


  • Practice recalls  in many different locations with distractions

  • Practice ready-steady sends to target in many different locations

  • Proof stays in different locations and with toys/treats in front and behind dog

  • Sits and downs on verbal cues in many different locations

  • Loose leash walking all the time.

  • Playing tug in many different locations

  • Being in a crate in different locations

  • Sends and stays on mats in different locations with distractions

Beginning Agility

This class is ongoing. Space is limited and this requires completion of our foundations classes.  In this class students begin weave pole training, and dog walk, tunnel and aframe are introduced. One jump exercises are expanded and sequencing of jumps begins. Independent obstacle performance and distance skills are encouraged. Exercises to proof understanding of performance and to increase speed are done at this level.  


Prerequisite is completion of Sports Foundations and preference is given to students who have completed our foundations program.  Classes are sold in blocks of 6 for $125  Instructor is Annelise Allan and an assisting instructor.   For information contact

Intermediate  Agility

This class is ongoing.  Students are doing sequences of 10-14 obstacles, full height contacts, 12 weaves and are focusing on timing of cues, front crosses, rear crosses, distance handling, obstacle discrimination and course analysis.  This class is offered on Mondays and Tuesdays.  


Prerequisite is Beginning Agility class.  Classes are sold in blocks of 6 for $125  Instructor is Annelise Allan.   For information email

Advanced Handling Skills

These classes are ongoing.  Students in these classes are currently competing in the upper levels.  Sequences and courses are presented with various handling challenges and represent upper levels of agility competition.  Different handling strategies are discussed and taught and handling skills are the main focus of these classes.   Classes are sold in blocks of 6 for $125.  Instructor is Annelise Allan.   For information contact

Specialty Classes

Offered occasionally

  • Winning Weaves

  • Consistent Contacts

  • Distance

  • Calm & Focused

  • Tighter Turns

Obedience Classes

Obedience classes are offered on  Wednesday and Friday evenings.  These classes are full and ongoing so there is unlikely to be an opening for many months. These classes focus on competition obedience. We use positive training methods and have a slow methodical progression to train the exercises necessary for success in the competitive obedience ring. There is a waiting list for these classes.  They are ongoing.  Instructors are Patty Fulton and Siara Melius. Use the Contact page to inquire about class availability.

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