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Positive Training for Fun and Success!

 We provide individualized and detailed instruction for competitive agility and obedience. We offer a detailed Sports Foundations program to prepare for success in competitive agility.  Our small classes are fun and supportive. 

We only have a few competition obedience classes and they are ongoing and full for the foreseeable future.  The waiting list is long and it could be years before a spot opens up.
We offer Puppy Kindergarten but we do NOT offer basic obedience classes.  There are many places in the Twin Cities offering those kinds of classes.  Our focus is on competitive agility training.
Space is limited in our classes and we have a 6 to 8 month waiting list for our Sports Foundations class.
Contact us with questions at

To get a headstart check out our online Sports Foundations Class!

Agility and Obedience classes

Our classes are small to provide individualized instruction from experienced teachers. Classes are ongoing and do not have a set start and finish dates.  In some cases there is a waiting list for the classes.

If you want to get started in competition agility our Sports Foundations classes are the place to start.  Puppies four months and older can start in these classes.  

Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old can start in Puppy Kindergarten.

Obedience classes are ongoing and focus on positive training for competition. We only offer a few obedience classes and they are currently full with a wait list.


What we do

 Read what a long time agility competitor had to say about our foundations program.  Click here.


We are a dog training school that focuses on preparing dogs and their owners for fun and success in agility and obedience competitions.  We have very experienced instructors and a common training philosophy and methodology.  Behaviors are thoroughly trained so dogs can perform behaviors confidently, independently and accurately.

Our students are supportive of each other and provide a positive training and trialing atmosphere.  Instruction is individualized for each team. Our class sizes are small and in separate rooms.  One class per room.  The learning environment is calm.  

Private lessons and group classes are available.  There is often a waiting list for our classes.

We provide different learning environments beyond regular classes.  We provide mock trials, open ring times, specialty workshops and seminars with outside national experts for our students.


Upcoming Events!

Lori Michaels March 17 - 19 2023

Lori Michaels has been competing at the international level for 20 years and has run both small and large dogs.  She is an excellent teacher and is able to break exercises down.  Email for details.  Registration will go out to current students and prior attendees first.

Online Sports Foundations!

Our acclaimed Sports Foundations class is now available online!  The same skills as taught in our in person classes are taught online with text and videos.  You may ask questions and submit videos for feedback in the class.

The class may be taken in place of the in person class, while waiting to get into an in person class or in addition to the in person class.  

For more details click on the button below or go to the Contact Us page.



 6991 Oxford St. St. Louis Park MN  55426.  ***No mail is received at this address.***

Enter on the west side (by the glass office building) for Agility classes.

Enter on the east side by the loading docks for Sports Foundations, Puppy Kindergarten and Obedience classes.

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